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Noam Morrissey

UX defender & guardian of the Groove

I consider myself a Designer, first & foremost. I am passionate about user experience & interaction design, committed to creating clear, usable, attractive work, and strive constantly to improve my skills and to share my knowledge through my blog www.alfonsomorcuende.com and through www.sazerac.es (a UX cocktail with a Southern twist). I have strong project management, communication, & presentation skills and experience leading & motivating design teams.


2013-present Founder and UX Manager www.UXFYP.com

UX FOR YOUR PROJECT is a company that focus his efforts in helping Startup dealing with their design and definition problems

2010-2013 Head of Design, The Ranking www.theranking.com

Original founding member of this Internet start-up, led all visual and UX aspects of the project (conceptual design, wireframing, visual design, front development, etc.)

Created from scratch departments for visual, UX, etc., including recruitment, hiring, training and day-to-day supervising of the team.

Contract and collaborate with external providers.

2009-2010 Head of Design, AT Sistemas www.atsistemas.com

Hired to introduce the design aspect into this engineer-focused technological company; responsible for helping company implement design as a key component to client projects; hired designers for various projects and clients including banks, insurance companies and news media.

2008-2009 Designer, Diximedia www.lainformacion.com

Part of the design team, tasked with implementing HTML, CSS and Javascript coding.

2007-2008 Designer, Orange www.orange.es

Part of the design team, tasked with implementing HTML, CSS and Javascript coding.

1997-2000, 2005-2007 Director of Design and Content www.ozu.es

Hired as a design intern in 1997 when Ozu was SpainÕs first Internet portal; worked on look&feel of this small start-up.

Rehired in 2005, as Head of Design and Content, after OzuÕs acquisition by Vocento (leading Spanish media company); hired and led design staff.

Created the original visual design for dalealplay.com (Spanish version of YouTube).

2002-2005 Founder/Creative Director Apple Pie

Created design company (staff of 3), providing web, graphic, logo and other design products; learned the ins & outs of client management, sales, presentations and how to fulfill client needs

2001-2002 Designer, Irlanda en Red www.irlandaenred.com

Designer for Spanish firm providing English courses in Ireland

Teacher CICE (Madrid) 2010,
UOC (Online) 2007,
Academias Colon (Madrid) 2006,
PFP (Madrid) 2004.

Taught web design and programming for designers, using HTML, CSS, Flash, Fireworks, ActionScript, JavaScript & taught graphic design, using Photoshop, FreeHand, QuarkXPress


  • 2015-2015 Copenhagen Ins. of Interaction Design
    CIID (Copenhagen)
  • 2013-2014 Design of digital products
    La Nave Nodriza (Madrid)
  • 2010-present Bachelor Degree in Multimedia
    UOC, Barcelona, Spain (ongoing study)
  • 1999-2000 Master´s Certification in Web Design
    Centro CICE (Madrid)
  • 1998-2000 Advanced Technical Studies in Graphic Arts Centro I.E.S. Puerta Bonita (Madrid)
  • 1995-1997 Technical Studies in Graphic Arts Centro I.E.S. Puerta Bonita (Madrid)


UX Skills:
Information Architecture, Site Maps, Personas, User Stories, Prototyping, Interaction Design
Visual Skills:
Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, QuarkXPress, InDesign, Flash
HTML, CSS, JavaScript

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