The implementation of an idea

It is magical to be in the right place at the right time, working from the very outset of a project.

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Creating a product from an idea—that was the challenge. We researched, we analyzed and we made an initial proposal. That was just the beginning. Afterwards, we did that again and again, until we created the best voting and ranking creation system in the world... Easy to say, but more complicated to do. Luckily, we were not alone on our path.

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Conceptual Design, Interaction Design, Visual Design, Front-End Development.
I am proud to work with:
Binaria, Beatriz Estremera, Marco Giacomuzzi, Mariana Bolivar.

Voting, creating and sharing. . . Those were the three pillars our proposal was centered on

Vota, crea y comparte...

Vote, create and share. That was our value proposition. The content, design and technology had to get our proposal rolling.

With that mantra, our design work began. Arranging and prioritizing the information on each page. Content is our king.

Converting content into audiovisual material, in order to make users feel the product, more than understand it.

After a tremendous amount of effort, this is the result of our work.

Creating a multi-mechanism product was also among our list of priorities

Working with great professionals is the secret to a job well done. Technology is never an end in and of itself—but the right technology in the best hands is the best way to sign a good job. Starting with paper and a pencil (the best way to start), our days are spent among Axure documents, Fireworks documents, HTML5 documents, CSS3 documents, Less documents, jQuery documents . . . We don’t care what mechanism you utilize. is there for you to use.

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