The challenge is the Scale

I believe in the design process. But now we have to do it many more times and do it as well as always.

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I am proud to be Sngular's Design Director. Living and sharing the practice of design with a large number of colleagues is a privilege. Expanding the practice of design to new projects and help to create the inside culture to guarantee the quality of the process is my challenge.

At Sngular we understand design as a broad set of tasks and actions:

  • Human Centered Design
  • UX Research & Research Ops
  • Service Design
  • Design Systems & Design Ops
  • Design Sprint Academy
  • Agile Connected Teams

Now there are more of us and we know how to do more things, so we can do more. The internal organization of the team and the consistent application of the design process is my main task.

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Jan. 2019 to present
My Story:
My design studio (Realized) was acquired by Sngular. The whole team was incorporated into the organization and I also joined as the design director. The challenge now is to get it right all the time and in many more places at the same time.
50 Designers, 5 Countries, 15 Cities.
New partners in crime:
Emilio Calvo, Sarah Rink and David Álvarez

It is now almost two years since I joined Sngular and it is incredible how in such a short time I share so many experiences and projects. But just as important as projects are the processes and tools that make them possible.

Offering arguments that are based on the reality of users to make better business decisions is the objective of our designers. Standardizing and systematizing the mechanisms and strategies that designers use to arrive at these arguments is what interests me as a design director.

Understanding the action of designing as something that can be designed is our obsession at the core of our team.


Getting deeper and deeper into Design System practice

I have had a special dedication to helping large organizations to systematize the creation of interfaces through Design Systems. Telecommunication companies, insurance companies, or banks are some of the clients/friends with which I have been working. Special mention to Banco Santander's #RED project, in which I lead the construction team of the Design System. Santander has released a small part of the documentation that shapes this project very recently.

#RED Santander Design System

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